Sometimes, a friendly face who understands what you’re going through is all you need. People coping with loss often feel a bond with others who share their experiences, and our 24/7 on-call voluntary service (COMING SOON) aims to provide you with support and comfort when you need it most. In addition, we can offer helpful advice for parents and families as well as links to other sources of support within our charitable network. Above all, we want you to know that you’re not alone.


If the worst happens, taking action can seem impossible. We can offer practical advice to help you take those crucial next steps in coping with loss. You may need practical advice on funeral arrangements. We also offer support and advice to the family and friends of the bereaved, including ways to help and support them during their time of need. Additionally, we are more than happy to point you in the direction of other services that offer further practical support.


The Trust can provide support with the provision of financial aid to support families with such matters as funeral costs and other unforeseen costs. For more information please visit our section on Financial Support where Grant Application Forms (and Guidance for Referrers) can be found. Here, Healthcare Professionals can download and complete our Grant Application Forms on behalf of bereaved parents (and their families) to help ease the burden of unknown and often unpredictable financial concerns.