For grieving parents and their families hearing a friendly voice or seeing a familiar face who understands what they’re going through can make all the difference.

Grief isn’t ‘9 till 5’ – why should bereavement support be? Our volunteer-led helpline aims to provide you with a listening-ear, support and practical advice when you need it most. We are here 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We also provide a volunteer-led rapid response team. This service ensures that bereaved parents and their families are supported through those very early and very often dark days. Once families have been matched with one of our fully-trained volunteers, we will endeavour to maintain this rapport as we believe that familiarity and continuity of care is key. Our volunteers can provide practical support such as advice and direction with funeral arrangements. They can also provide emotional support such as a listening-ear (and shoulder), ideas for memorial and support with bereavement aftercare.

Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or it has just been one of ‘those’ days – you are not alone, we are here.