To lose a child is truly devastating, it is a parent’s worst nightmare. However, for some, this is the harsh reality and what’s more, imagine having to worry about finances at such a difficult time. Whether it be funeral costs or a memorial for your cherished child, The Beau Halo Trust hopes to ease the burden of these unforeseen financial concerns.

The death of a child is often associated with lasting and intense grief and it is given that life will never be the same again for the bereaved parent(s) and their families affected. However, with support, time and nurture, families can learn to adapt and cope with their loss and their grief, and this is where The Beau Halo Trust hopes to help. Sometimes it is difficult to open up to loved ones about grief and trauma and sometimes an impartial party is the most appropriate method of counsel. The Trust can fund (through our grant making service) a series of counselling sessions, giving families the help and support needed to come to terms with their devastating loss.

There are many ways that The Beau Halo Trust can financially assist bereaved parents and their families, so whether it be funding for counselling for bereavement aftercare or just something for the family to look forward to during the darkest of hours, we are here.

Please find below our Grant Application Form and our Guidance for Referrers.



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